I made a new thing! It is The Wheel of Things. You might like it.

Longer version

In my house, we like table-top games. I didn’t say “board games” because many of them employ cards but no board, so “table-top games” it is. Also, this reminds me of the splendid Wil Wheaton YouTube series called TableTop whence I learned of some of these games. It’s great fun, go watch some episodes.

Anyway, in a bid to get my son to unstick his face from screens, we began amassing a collection of table-top games which would enable us to spend Quality Time away from digital devices and have a bunch of fun. Friends turned us onto Munchkin, Boss Monster and Escape the Dark Castle, and from there we expanded our collection with things like Forbidden Island, Unearth, Doomlings and Star Fluxx.

We bought expansions for some of them, we got more, and soon the biggest issue we had on a Saturday morning was deciding which table-top game to play. Well, being a website-making kinda guy, I quipped “Maybe I’ll make a wheel-of-fortune type website so we can easily pick one at random…”

Which of course, I then did. Once I’d built it, I figured “Hmmm… I wonder if this might be of use to anyone else… maybe if you could choose your own things to put on the wheel… hmmm…”

So of course, I built that. It is The Wheel of Things, and you are most welcome to use it. If it doesn’t work for you on your computer/device, or if you have other comments on it, you can drop me a line via email or Mastodon.

However, I accept no responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of you using the Wheel of Things. That is on you.