Hi gang, I’m still here.

It’s self-isolation, day 38 for me. It’s going fine, as I’m lucky enough to be able to work entirely from home and we booked a load of grocery delivery slots well in advance when lockdown started.

The four walls are beginning to get a bit samey, I’ll admit, but we’re also very lucky in that we have a large garden and the weather has been good, so it could be so so much worse.

In blogging news, I have whittled down the 2019 Album of the Year contenders to a final list and will start that post very shortly. The next A-Z entry will be "I", so look out for that when I get time too. I know, edge of your seat, etc.

I’m also going to do a little series on albums that I didn’t include in my AotY posts because I hadn’t heard them yet when the posts were written. I’ve been hoovering music up like it’s going out of style this last couple of years, and a load of possibles got missed out. It is my intention – nay, my DUTY – to share these with you also, my dear listener.

In the meantime work continues apace for my current contract, and what with that and keeping the family alive and entertained, not much time for making music remains at the moment. There are several projects in unfinished states (and even a guitar in an unfinished state, but more on that another time) that I hope to return to one day. You will of course hear about it first.

Stay safe, stay home, stay frosty.