Well, this is annoying.

When I started this blog in 2013, the idea was to have a tinkering project and to run it and host it on a Raspberry Pi in my house, which it still is (for now).

I didn't want it to live on clivemurray.com, for reasons I forget now, so I had a play about with domain names and found to my delight that insince.re was available. The .re TLD (top level domain) is the official TLD of Réunion, an island of French governance in the Indian Ocean.

As you may or may not know, domain ownership is a mixed bag of weasels. Many are available to all, and others are geographically limited. Anyone can register a .pt or .nz domain, for example, without having to reside (or have a business presence) in Portugal or New Zealand respectively.

The Réunion TLD is available to "individuals and companies in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein" only. Well. A smart woman like you can see where this is going.

When I bought insince.re I was a resident of the EU, but since 52% of my countrypersons voted to leave that august establishment in 2016—and that subsequently happened in 2020—this is no longer the case. Therefore, I no longer have a right to this domain.

So, this blog will move to a new address some time between now and November, when my current registration period runs out. That's all, really. If you have it bookmarked (and why wouldn't you?) then you'll need to update that soon. No biggie.

Incidentally, I would probably be able to renew insince.re if I didn't also want to change registrar. I have been with Gandi for many years, but since they were acquired earlier this year, I am no longer recommending them to anyone. The new owners have a reputation for rampant price hiking, and so I decided to move.

This is borne out by the renewal price. I could (were I geographically able) transfer insince.re to a new registrar for as little as ~$6 or so.

Gandi, however, want £17.99.

Sod that.