So, some time about 2010 I joined a band. They are excellent, and they are Indigo Down. We played a load of gigs, opening for the likes of [L.A. Guns](L.A. Guns), Love/Hate and [Enuff Z'Nuff](Enuff Z'Nuff) all at the splendid [Underworld in Camden](Underworld in Camden). Oh how I miss that place.

Anyway, we got older and some of us had kids, and things slowed down, and one day I noticed that the singer had left the country and gone to live in France. “Band’s probably on hiatus then,” I thought. And so it was. We hadn’t done anything of particular note in a year or two, so fair enough.

Then the virus and the lockdown happened, and people started having meetups over Zoom and suchlike, and I thought “Hey maybe we could have a band drink one evening”, and so we did.

During this, the idea of doing a lockdown video for one of our unreleased songs was floated, and… well, we’re doing it.

Which is why there is this:

An idiot in the headlights

It’ll be slow going. The other guys have busy lives and I have a lot to learn about video editing. It’s possible that lockdown will be over before we get it done. But, I think we’re going to do it either way.