It's been a while, I'm aware. Let's get right to it, shall we?

We – and by we I mean my band, Indigo Down – finished the video, we released the EP, we did a photoshoot, and you are cordially invited to:

  1. Watch the lockdown video for the song "Alive" that took me eight months to make. It will only take you less than four minutes to watch. Please? Go on.
  2. Buy or stream (preferably buy, to be honest) the EP "Still Alive" from whichever platform suits you best. You can find it on pretty much all of them, but links to some of the most popular are right here on our site.

So, yeah. We're really happy with the EP. Personally I can say for sure it's the best sounding recording I've ever played on to date.

Huge thanks to everyone at Outhouse Studios who was involved in making this a reality, and special thanks to His Holiness John Mitchell for mixing, remixing, mastering, and generally being lovely throughout. (If you listen carefully you might even hear his dulcet tones somewhere on one of the songs...)

My band, Indigo Down, relaxing and looking very natural indeed.
L-R: Martin Szomszor, Jez Fielder, Clive Murray, Paul Fielder. Photo: k b photography.

Enjoy! Then put some clothes on, for pity's sake.